KIT Freshman Welcome Ceremony

On November 15, 2015, KIT welcomed the second of batch students for the school year 2015-2016. In the hopes of successfully cultivating capable leaders for the future. KIT had awarded 26 scholarship grants to capable students.

The freshmen, together with the sophomores also attended the opening ceremony of the newly built KIT building. KIT's second school year will officially commence on 16 November 2015.


First Career Development

We have a speaker from Japan who is a Managing Director and also one of the top engineers from a very famous company called 'Work Applications'. Mr,Hiroyuki Komatsu is the managing director of WAP. He gave a speech on his career and tips to those who want to open up their own business.

At the end of the speech, the students were given the opportunity to ask questions and motivations to help them with their studies and their future.


Intensive Design Class

'Design provides us answers while Art gave us questions. A designer should make his designs clear and concise so that people easily understand' Stated by Mr. Mahesh who is a professional designer and a professional photographer.

KIT has invited Mr. Mahesh to provide a short intensive design class for a single week. In this short week, the students have learnt so much from him and have enjoyed the sessions at the same time.

'There is nature around. There is no better environment to learn than this place' Mr. Mahesh Provided his teaching and perspective in Design where he also encourages students to take notice of the nature and their beautiful surroundings. He also provided real hand experience where he taught students how to capture photos like a professional around the Kirirom National Park.

KIT will invite professional engineers or successful businessmen to provide intensive training programs in the near future as well.


Second Career Development

Our speaker from Japan who shared us his career story and provided us with useful tips on how to be sucessful in the business world.

Career Development

Every month, Mr.Izuka invites successful entrepreneurs from Japan and other countries to give special speech and share their successful stories to our students through their speeches and stories. Our students learn from them and they get motivated to study hard.


KIT Sponsor

Kirirom Institute of Technology collaborates with sponsors in order to improve students' education. We currently have sponsors from various countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. This forms a great network and it also prepares great future for the students as well as the future of KIT. After successfully completing the program, our students will be employed directly by our sponsors.

KIT welcomes sponsors from local and international companies or industries.

Be Our Sponsor

Join us in building up relationship and in improving the lives of students. For more details about sponsorship please feel free to contact us.

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